Benguet State University (BSU) | Philippines

Benguet State University, a century of existence and heritage of excellence is one of the known universities in the Philippines. The university is committed in delivering excellent service, quality education and innovative research. It is also highly dedicated to its four-fold functions: instruction; extension; research; and production. These four pillars built the foundations and achievements of the university.

BSU started as a farm school in 1916, and expanded its services and heightened its prominence in La Trinidad. According to earlier reports, the Farm School was “planned to develop into a large normal school where the best Igorot pupils will be trained to be teachers among their own people with an emphasis on agriculture.”

Now, BSU is continuously enriching its culture, diversifying its knowledge, adapting new trends and ideas, transcending boundaries, and extending its reach towards an excellent educational institution and as a home from all parts of the Philippines and internationally.