5th consortium meeting

A virtual meeting with Asian and European partners on February 26, 2021, for the Erasmus+ funded Curriculum Development in Agroecology (CDAE) project was conducted to update the deliverables and the progress of each partner’s work packages.


Hue University, the overall project coordinator, presented the three agendas of the meeting; first of which was the presentation of the work packages (update for complete tasks and plan for the upcoming tasks) by the representatives of Polytechnic of Coimbra; Mendel University; Novel Group; Benguet State University (BSU); and Hue University. The second agendum focused on the election of the overall project quality leader. The final agendum focused on the discussion on some matters on results of the uncompleted and overdue tasks in the work packages presented; upcoming virtual study tour of Mendel University; and enforcing a new deadline for the deliverables as well as uploading in the google drive the contingency plan along with the project road map.


The first agendum shows that some of the deliverables in each work packages were behind schedule; thus, Hue University emphasized that the project cannot afford further delay.


A suggestion was given by an external evaluator that to address synergy, coordination, and preparation for the “new normal,” a map of processes or activities must be designed to show interrelations and or identify “critical paths” and other encompassing matters. The evaluator gave emphasis that to improve the collection and processing of information: the use of Google documents and forms for collecting data is recommended since most of the CDAE project materials were uploaded in Google Drive; and for collaborative work, there should be contingencies for technical

aspects of virtual meetings like detailed procedures to address emergency situations.

In line with this, Hue University asked the consortium to vote for an overall quality leader that will help in the project; as a result, Ms. Manuela Abelho from Polytechnic of Coimbra was voted by the majority.

The final agendum is the virtual study tour of Mendel University, the enforcement of the new deadline for the deliverables, and the contingency plan.

Mendel University highly encouraged everyone to participate in the study tour, a four-day event in Brno, Czech Republic. Based on the invitation sent to the consortium, each day has different topics and discussions. The first day will focus on a general discussion about the institutional structure and differences among institutions in partner countries. The second day will be the introduction of the faculty of agriculture, including its study programs and practical teaching of Agroecology at their university farm, university forest, and gardens. The third day centers on the teaching of Agroecology and the journey to their laboratories. The final day will be a discussion about curriculum specifics for individual country groups and universities.

In addition, the coordinator gave a new schedule for the virtual tours of the project partners in BSU, Hue University, and the University of Peradeniya.

Meanwhile, the project contingency plan is promised to be developed and uploaded in Google drive since this has not been carried out yet.

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